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Quality of life, traditions, great soccer feats, mate and more...

Five hectares of fertile land per inhabitant, vast meadows, a dense hydrographic network and temperate climate throughout the year allow for remarkable results in livestock, agriculture and forestry. Uruguay has near seven hundred kilometers of coastline, ensuring good fishing, and extensive beaches, recognized around the world for the exceptional quality of its fine white sand. Hills, forests, and wetlands all paint a beautiful landscape for the nature lover .

General information


The climate in Uruguay is temperate and humid (average 17° C/ 62° F), with warm summers and more or less homogeneous rainfall throughout the year. During May, we can find temperatures averaging 15ºC - 20ºC (59° - 68° F). We recommend checking the weather before you come, and don't forget to bring a coat!


The Uruguayan peso is the legal currency used for all types of commercial transactions. The US dollar is generally accepted in stores, supermarkets and restaurants. The most frequently accepted credit cards are VISA and MasterCard (and in many restaurants, you get a discount for paying with your card).

Where to Exchange Currency?

In Uruguay, there is a highly developed exchange system with many locations, so tourists won't have any problems making transactions. The majority are open from Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 6 pm, but it is also possible to find exchanges in large shopping centers that are open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. Here you can find information on exchange rates and quotes.

Duty Free

Duty free applies to product purchases that take place in malls that adhere to the system, complying with the corresponding procedure at the time of purchase and upon exiting the country at certain points on the border (more info here).

Are tips required in restaurants?

Although there is no pre-established fee, it is common to leave 10% of the total bill, as long as it does not include the cost of the service. Likewise, it is an urban norm to tip taxi drivers.

What to do in Montevideo?

If you visit Montevideo for a few days and don’t want to miss anything, here are some tips and details so you can live the experience of being a Montevidean more.

Tourist bus

For information, schedules and prices visit the web: www.busturisticomontevideo.com.uy

Curious Free Tour

Here you can find information about this free tour.

Discover Montevideo

In the Descubrí Montevideo (Discover Montevideo) Portal you will find more information and cultural events that are going on. The Ministry of Tourism recommends the following applications to make your visit in Uruguay more enjoyable.


We recommend some restaurants and cafes in the Punta Carretas and Pocitos areas. In the Punta Carretas area you can find Café Ramona, El Berretín, La Chopería Mastra, Montevideo Beer Company, La Perdiz, La Criolla and Parrillada La Otra among others. In the Pocitos area, on Luis Alberto de Herrera street from 26 de Marzo street to Antonio D. Costa street, there are several pub options open at night to go out to eat and have a drink.

Do not leave without taking your picture at:

  • Any point along La Rambla (boardwalk) of Montevideo, particularly on the Letrero de Montevideo(Montevideo sign)
  • Door of the Ciudadela in Plaza Independencia (Independence Square)
  • Plaza Independencia (Independence Square)
  • Any corner of the Ciudad Vieja (Old City)
  • Plaza Matriz (Main Square) - Cathedral of Montevideo
  • Solís Theater
  • 18 de Julio avenue and Yi street - There is a fountain with Padlocks of Love and a monument to Carlos Gardel at the door of a restaurant.

Public Transportation in Montevideo

The public transportation in Montevideo is the bus, locally called ómnibus. It can be paid in cash or by buying the STM card (if you buy the ticket through the STM card you will have a discount on its cost). Here you can find more information.


We also recommend the following applications to facilitate your transfer in Montevideo:

  • Cómo ir (How to go): website to get the different buses between two points of the city of Montevideo. Here you can find more information.

  • Mooveit: add your place of origin and destination and the application will help you to take the most convenient bus. Here you can find more information.

  • Easy taxi: mobile application to order taxis in Uruguay. Here you can find more information.

  • Uber: in Uruguay the use of Uber was recently regulated, you can use it without problem provided you have a credit card associated with your account.

What to visit outside of Montevideo?

Colonia del Sacramento

If you want to know Colonia del Sacramento and see it on your own, you should go to the "Tres Cruces" bus terminal, which is also one of the main shopping centers in Montevideo. The trip to Colonia del Sacramento lasts two and a half hours. The bus companies that go there are COT and TURIL. In the following link you can find information about what to visit in this wonderful place full of history: http://www.coloniauy.com

Piriápolis and Punta del Este

If the weather is nice, you can also visit the East of Uruguay which is the area of beaches and main resorts. In the following links you can find information about Piriápolis and Punta del Este.

2019 Accommodation

If you need a place to stay, we have partnered with the Dazzler Hotel Montevideo so that TestingUy attendees can access discounted rates. To access those rates, you will need to make your reservation by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling (+598) 2716000. In either case, make sure to mention you are attending TestingUy. The daily rate is of 65 USD + tax. If you are not resident, it is tax free.

VAT free in Hotels

Benefit valid for foreigners presenting identity document issued abroad. When exonerated, this consumption is invoiced without VAT. Therefore the tax is not charged, without generating a refund. More information here.

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